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New and High-quality Ultrasonic Cleaner for Tattoo Equipment, Jewellery, Clocks and Watches, Phone repair shop, Hospital Dentistry, Family etc, other

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High Quality Tattoo Kits Tattoo Machine Complete Set, Free Shipping
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Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 1300ML- High Quality and Professional
Work all over the world

    Sale Points:
  • 3 minutes automatically shut-off
  • Green cleaning using just tap water
  • Classical and portable design
  • Deep cleans and sterilizes
  • Transparent Lid

    Remove dirty effectively, cleaning articles to shine like new
    Power Supply: AC100 ~ 120V 60Hz or AC220 ~ 240V 50Hz
    Power: 60 W
    Frequency: 40KHz
    Time Setting: 3 - 60 minutes adjustable with digital display
    Overall size: 228 * 183 * 158 mm
    Tank size: 175 * 145 * 70 mm
    Weight: 2.25kg
    Volume: 1300ML

    Laboratory, Electron workshop, Glasses shop, Jewelry shop, Clocks and Watches shop, Mobile Phone repair shop, Hospital Dentistry, Office and Family etc.

    - Jewellery - Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets etc.
    - Glasses and Timepieces - Glasses, Sun Glasses, Watch Chains, Waterproof Watches etc.
    - Commodities - Electric, Shaver heads, Razor blades, Dentures, Combs, Toothbrushes etc.
    - Stationery - Pen-heads, Printer-heads, Inkjet cartridges, seals etc.
    - Metal Articles - Watch parts, Ancient coins, Badges, Machine nozzles etc.
    - Metal Dishware - Forks, Knives, Spoons, etc
    - Tattoo guns and tubes, and piercing
    - other small products

    Packing Device
    One Ultrasonic Cleaner
    One Cleaning basket and watch holder
    One English Manual
    Special Gift
Ultrasonic Cleaner 1300ml
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