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Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop battery replacement which made from a grade cell and quality parts is 30% OFF now! We assure 100% compitable and Q.C. of all batteries designed for Inspiron 8200.

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Dell-Inspiron-8200 battery
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New 4400Mah Replacement Laptop Battery For Dell Inspiron 8200
Capacity: 4400Mah
Color: Dark Grey
Weight: 510.30g
Dimensions: 139.00x89.70x23.30 mm
Battery Type: Li-ion
Product Type: Replacement

Shiping cost: Free Shipping
List Price: $47.09
Price: $39.99

Replacement Battery Part No. Dell:
1340Y 1691P 1D396 1J433 1K500 1U515C 1X511 2H660 2J245 2J627 2M400 2P170 312-0009 312-0026 312-0028 312-0041 312-0051 312-009 312-0113 312-0115 312-0522 312-09 312-3250 312-3280 3149C 3H349 3H352 3H625 3K120 3X213 461-6399 4K085 4M778 5081P 5208U 53977 555TT 5E528 5H980 5T123 66912 6H410 6M934 75UYF 77TCJ 7H508 7N025 800BTPR 851UY 8C612 8J425 8M815 BAT-I3700 IM-M150268-GB U0485 W0596 WD596 X0316

Replacement Laptop Machine Part No. Dell:
Inspiron 2500  Latitude CP Series  Latitude CPm 233ST 
Inspiron 3700 Latitude CPi 233ST  Latitude CPm 233XT 
Inspiron 3800 Latitude CPi 366  Latitude CPt C Series 
Inspiron 4000  Latitude CPi A Series  Latitude CPt C333GT 
Inspiron 4100  Latitude CPi A300ST  Latitude CPt S Series 
Inspiron 4150 Latitude CPi A366ST  Latitude CPt Series 
Inspiron 8000 Latitude CPi A366XT  Latitude CPt V 466GT 
Inspiron 8100  Latitude CPi A400XT  Latitude CPt V Series 
Inspiron 8200  Latitude CPi C Series  Latitude CPx H Series 
Latitude C500  Latitude CPi C333GT  Latitude CPx H500GT 
Latitude C510  Latitude CPi C400GT  Latitude CPx J-Series 
Latitude C540 Latitude CPi D Series  Latitude CPx J650GT 
Latitude C600 Latitude CPi D233  Latitude CPx Series 
Latitude C610  Latitude CPi D266XT  Latitude PP01 
Latitude C640  Latitude CPi D300 XT  Latitude PP01L 
Latitude C800  Latitude CPi R Series  Latitude PP01X 
Latitude C810  Latitude CPi R400GT  Latitude PPL 
Latitude C840  Latitude CPi Series  Latitude PPX 
Precision M40 Latitude CPm 166ST 
Precision M50  Precision Workstation M50

Make your Dell Inspiron 8200 battery last longer:

  1. How to charge the Dell Inspiron 8200 when it is newly used?
    A: First,charge the Dell Inspiron 8200 fully.Second,discharge the battery completely. Then cycle charge and discharge it for some times. That would make Dell Inspiron 8200 reach its best status,and prolong its useful life.
  2. What can I do to make my battery last longer?
    A: There are several things you can do to make your Dell 8200 battery last longer:
    - Use the notebook's power saving controls to reduce battery use in your normal day. For example, turn the Bluetooth off if it is not needed; reduce the screen brightness when conditions permit.
    - Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. If the system is exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures, allow it to warm up/cool down before use and before charging.
    - Contrary to last decades' batteries, modern Li-ion batteries do not need to be fully discharged to maintain health.
    - All batteries wear with use and time. When you find the runtime is no longer satisfactory, it may be time to purchase a new Dell battery.
  3. Will my Dell Inspiron 8200 battery become useless if I leave it unused for a long time?
    A: Basically, yes. We suggest you to charge or discharge the Dell 8200 laptop battery to 40 - 60% capacity using your Windows operating system power meter, then remove it from your system. Then Store it in a standard office environment, away from extreme temperatures. However, fully charge and remove battery from Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop before leave it unused for a month or longer. It's better to use your battery at least once a week for keeping it works well.
  4. What is the best temperature for battery storage?
    A: Because very hot or cold conditions could affect a battery's performance,you'd better store the Dell Inspiron 8200 in a place with recommended storage temperature of 15°C (59°F).
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