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Brand-new HP Pavilion ZT3000 battery replacement, Excellence quality and service. 1 year warranty. Free Shipping For HP Pavilion ZT3000 Laptop battery.

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HP Pavilion ZT3000 battery
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New 4400Mah Laptop Battery Replacement For HP Pavilion ZT3000

Capacity: 4400Mah
Color: Black
Weight: 524.47g
Dimension: 128.50x103.30x20.00mm
Battery Type: Li-ion
Product Type: Replacement
Warranty: 1 year warranty

Shiping cost: Free Shipping
List Price: $55.09
Price: $41.99

Replacement Battery Part No. HP:

Replacement Laptop Machine Part No. HP:
Presario X1000
Presario X1000 Series
Presario X1000-DE185AV
Presario X1000-DE186AV
Presario X1000-DE707AV
Presario X1000-DK454AV
Presario X1001US
Presario X1001US-DK575A
Presario X1001US-DK575AR
Presario X1002US
Presario X1002US-DM771A
Presario X1002US-DM771AR
Presario X1005EA
Presario X1005EA-DL681A
Presario X1005LA
Presario X1005LA-DL858A
Presario X1006EA
Presario X1006EA-DM933A
Presario X1007EA
Presario X1007EA-DL964A
Presario X1010AL-DR830A
Presario X1010CA
Presario X1010CA-DL857A
Presario X1010CA-DL857AR
Presario X1010EA
Presario X1010EA-DL963A
Presario X1010US
Presario X1010US-DK571A
Presario X1010US-DK571AR
Presario X1011AL-DR831A
Presario X1012AL-DR832A
Presario X1012EA
Presario X1012EA-DL965A
Presario X1012QV
Presario X1012QV-DN585A
Presario X1012QV-DN585AR
Presario X1015US
Presario X1015US-DN624A
Presario X1015US-DN624AR
Presario X1016EA
Presario X1016EA-DM415A
Presario X1018CL
Presario X1018CL-DK574A
Presario X1018CL-DK574AR
Presario X1020EA
Presario X1020EA-DM416A
Presario X1020US
Presario X1020US-DK572A
Presario X1020US-DK572AR
Presario X1021AP-DN582A
Presario X1022AP
Presario X1022AP-DN583A
Presario X1023AP
Presario X1023AP-DN584A
Presario X1026AP-DN587A
Presario X1027AP-DN588A
Presario X1028AP-DN589A
Presario X1028CL
Presario X1028CL-DL898A
Presario X1028CL-DL898AR
Presario X1029AP-DN600A
Presario X1030AP-DN591A
Presario X1030US
Presario X1030US-DM773A
Presario X1030US-DM773AR
Presario X1031AP
Presario X1031AP-DN592A
Presario X1032AP
Presario X1032AP-DN593A
Presario X1033AP
Presario X1033AP-DN594A
Presario X1034AP
Presario X1034AP-DN595A
Presario X1035AP
Presario X1035AP-DN596A
Presario X1036AP
Presario X1036AP-DN597A
Presario X1037AP
Presario X1037AP-DN598A
Presario X1038AP-DN599A
Presario X1039AP
Presario X1040AP
Presario X1040AP-DN601A
Presario X1040US
Presario X1040US-DM774A
Presario X1040US-DM774AR
Presario X1041AP
Presario X1041AP-DN602A
Presario X1042AP-DN603A
Presario X1043AP-DN604A
Presario X1044AP
Presario X1044AP-DN605A
Presario X1045AP-DN606A
Presario X1046AP-DN607A
Presario X1047AP
Presario X1047AP-DN608A
Presario X1048AP-DN609A
Presario X1049AP-DN610A
Presario X1050AP-DN611A
Presario X1050CA
Presario X1050CA-DP485U
Presario X1050CA-DP485UR
Presario X1050US
Presario X1050US-DM777A
Presario X1050US-DM777AR
Presario X1051AP
Presario X1051AP-DN612A
Presario X1052AP
Presario X1052AP-DN613A
Presario X1053AP
Presario X1053AP-DN614A
Presario X1054AP
Presario X1054AP-DN615A
Presario X1055AP
Presario X1055AP-DN616A
Presario X1056AP-DN617A
Presario X1057AP-DN618A
Presario X1058AP
Presario X1058AP-DN619A
Presario X1058CL
Presario X1058CL-DP487U
Presario X1058CL-DP487UR
Presario X1060AP-DN620A
Presario X1061AP-DN621A
Presario X1062AP
Presario X1062AP-DN622A
Presario X1063AP
Presario X1063AP-DN623A
Presario X1064AP-DN625A
Presario X1065AP-DN626A
Presario X1066AP-DN627A
Presario X1067AP-DQ973A
Presario X1068AP-DQ974A
Presario X1069AP-DQ975A
Presario X1070AP-DQ976A
Presario X1071AP-DQ977A
Presario X1072AP-DR268A
Presario X1073AP-DR269A
Presario X1074AP-DR270A
Presario X1075AP-DR271A
Presario X1076AP-DR272A
Presario X1077AP-DR273A
Presario X1078AP
Presario X1078AP-DR274A
Presario X1079AP
Presario X1079AP-DR275A
Presario X1080AP
Presario X1080AP-DR276A
Presario X1081AP-DR277A
Presario X1082AP-DR278A
Presario X1083AP-DR279A
Presario X1084AP-DR280A
Presario X1085AP-DR281A
Presario X1086AP-DR282A
Presario X1087AP
Presario X1087AP-DR283A
Presario X1088AP-DR284A
Presario X1089AP-DR285A
Presario X1090AP-DR286A
Presario X1091AP-DR287A
Presario X1092AP-DR822A
Presario X1093AP-DR823A
Presario X1094AP-DR824A
Presario X1095AP-DR825A
Presario X1096AP-DR826A
Presario X1097AP
Presario X1097AP-DR827A
Presario X1098AP-DR828A
Presario X1099AP-DR829A
Presario X1100 Series
Presario X1105EA-DP771E
Presario X1110EA-DP773E
Presario X1115EA-DP774E
Presario X1140EA-DP772E
Presario X1155EA-DP775E
Presario X1200
Presario X1200 Series
Presario X1200-DP613AV
Presario X1200-DP614AV
Presario X1200-DR311AV
Presario X1200-DS829AV
Presario X1201AP-DV770P
Presario X1201US
Presario X1201US-DS466U
Presario X1201US-DS466UR
Presario X1202AP-DV771P
Presario X1203AP-DV772P
Presario X1204AP-DV773P
Presario X1205AP-DV774P
Presario X1206AP-DV775P
Presario X1207AP-DV776P
Presario X1208AP-DV777P
Presario X1209AP-DV778P
Presario X1210AP-DU559A
Presario X1210CA
Presario X1210CA-DS467U
Presario X1210CA-DS467UR
Presario X1210US
Presario X1210US-DS463U
Presario X1210US-DS463UR
Presario X1211AP-DV779P
Presario X1212AP-DV780P
Presario X1213AP-DV781P
Presario X1214AP-DV782P
Presario X1215AP-DV783P
Presario X1216AP-DV784P
Presario X1217AP-DV785P
Presario X1218AP-DV786P
Presario X1219AP-DV787P
Presario X1220AP-DV788PA
Presario X1220EA-DU561A
Presario X1220US
Presario X1220US-DS464U
Presario X1220US-DS464UR
Presario X1221AP-DV789P
Presario X1222AP-DV790P
Presario X1223AP-DV791P
Presario X1224AP-DV792P
Presario X1225AP-DY735PA
Presario X1227AP-DY737PA
Presario X1228AP-DY738PA
Presario X1229AP-DY739PA
Presario X1230AP-DY740PA
Presario X1230US
Presario X1230US-DS468U
Presario X1230US-DS468UR
Presario X1231AP-DY741PA
Presario X1232AP-DY742PA
Presario X1233AP-DY743PA
Presario X1234AP-DY744PA
Presario X1236AP-DY746PA
Presario X1237AP-DY747PA
Presario X1238AP-DY748PA
Presario X1239AP-DY749PA
Presario X1240AP-DY750PA
Presario X1241AP-DY751PA
Presario X1242AP-DY752PA
Presario X1300
Presario X1300 Series
Presario X1300-DT683AV
Presario X1300-DT684AV
Presario X1300-DT685AV
Presario X1301AP-PD579PA
Presario X1301US
Presario X1301US-DZ299U
Presario X1302AP-PD580PA
Presario X1303AP-PD581PA
Presario X1304AP-PD582PA
Presario X1305AP-PD583PA
Presario X1306AP-PD584PA
Presario X1307AP-PD585PA
Presario X1308AP-PD586PA
Presario X1309AP-PD587PA
Presario X1310AP-PD588PA
Presario X1311AP-PD589PA
Presario X1312AP-PD590PA
Presario X1313AP-PD591PA
Presario X1314AP-PD592PA
Presario X1315AP-PD593PA
Presario X1316AP-PD594PA
Presario X1317AP-PD595PA
Presario X1318AP-PD596PA
Presario X1319AP-PD597PA
Presario X1320AP-PD598PA
Presario X1321AP-PD599PA
Presario X1322AP-PD600PA
Presario X1324AP-PD602PA
Presario X1325AP-PD603PA
Presario X1326AP-PD604PA
Presario X1327AP-PD605PA
Presario X1328AP-PD606PA
Presario X1329AP-PD607PA
Presario X1330AP-PH261PA
Presario X1360CL
Presario X1360CL-DZ302U
Presario X1360CL-DZ302UR
Presario X1360US
Presario X1360US-DZ297U
Presario X1360US-DZ297UR
Presario X1370US
Presario X1370US-DZ300U
Presario X1370US-DZ300UR
Presario X1390US
Presario X1390US-DZ298U
Presario X1390US-DZ298UR
Presario X1390xx-DZ753AS
Presario X1400-PD699AV
Presario X1400-PD700AV
Presario X1401AP-PH508PA
Presario X1402AP-PH509PA
Presario X1403AP-PH510PA
Presario X1404AP-PH511PA
Presario X1405AP-PH512PA
Presario X1406AP-PH513PA
Presario X1407AP-PH514PA
Presario X1408AP-PA127PA
Presario X1409AP-PA128PA
Presario X1410AP-PA129PA
Presario X1411AP-PA130PA
Presario X1412AP-PA131PA
Presario X1413AP-PA132PA
Presario X1414AP-PA133PA
Presario X1415AP-PA134PA
Presario X1416AP-PA146PA
Presario X1417AP-PA147PA
Presario X1418AP-PA148PA
Presario X1419AP-PA149PA
Presario X1420AP-PA150PA
Presario X1421AP-PA151PA
Presario X1422AP-PA152PA
Presario X1423AP-PF363PA
Presario X1424AP-PF364PA
Presario X1425AP-PF369PA
Presario X1426AP-PF370PA
Presario X1427AP-PF371PA
Presario X1428AP-PF372PA
Presario X1429AP-PH478PA
Presario X1430AP-PH479PA
Presario X1431AP-PD101PA
Presario X1432AP-PN552PA
Presario X1433AP-PN553PA
Presario X1434AP-PN554PA
Presario X1460CA-PF096UA
Presario X1460CA-PF096UAR
Presario X1460US-PF092UA
Presario X1460US-PF092UAR
Presario X1480US-PF093UA
Presario X1480xx-PF843AS
Pavilion ZT3000
Pavilion ZT3000 Series
Pavilion ZT3000-DL811AV
Pavilion ZT3000-DL812AV
Pavilion ZT3000-DL813AV
Pavilion ZT3000-DN545AV
Pavilion ZT3000-DW375AV
Pavilion ZT3001US
Pavilion ZT3001US-DM783A
Pavilion ZT3001US-DM783AR
Pavilion ZT3007LA-DR204A
Pavilion ZT3010AP-DR242A
Pavilion ZT3010EA-DP776E
Pavilion ZT3010EA-DP781E
Pavilion ZT3010US
Pavilion ZT3010US-DM778A
Pavilion ZT3010US-DM778AR
Pavilion ZT3011AP-DR243A
Pavilion ZT3012AP-DR244A
Pavilion ZT3012EA-DP785E
Pavilion ZT3013AP-DR245A
Pavilion ZT3014AP-DR246A
Pavilion ZT3015AP-DR247A
Pavilion ZT3015EA-DP784E
Pavilion ZT3016AP-DR248A
Pavilion ZT3017AP-DR249A
Pavilion ZT3017EA-DP786E
Pavilion ZT3017EA-DP789E
Pavilion ZT3017LA-DV761L
Pavilion ZT3017WM-DM781A
Pavilion ZT3017WM-DM781AR
Pavilion ZT3018AP-DR250A
Pavilion ZT3019AP-DR251A
Pavilion ZT3019EA-DP788E
Pavilion ZT3020AP-DR252A
Pavilion ZT3020EA-DP779E
Pavilion ZT3020EA-DP782E
Pavilion ZT3020US-DP479U
Pavilion ZT3020US-DP479UR
Pavilion ZT3021AP-DR253A
Pavilion ZT3022AP-DR254A
Pavilion ZT3022EA-DP783E
Pavilion ZT3023AP-DR255A
Pavilion ZT3024AP-DR256A
Pavilion ZT3024EA-DP787E
Pavilion ZT3025AP-DR257A
Pavilion ZT3026AP-DR258A
Pavilion ZT3027AP-DR259A
Pavilion ZT3028AP-DR260A
Pavilion ZT3029AP-DR261A
Pavilion ZT3030AP-DR262A
Pavilion ZT3030EA-DP777E
Pavilion ZT3031AP-DT569A
Pavilion ZT3032AP-DT570A
Pavilion ZT3033AP-DT571A
Pavilion ZT3034AP-DT572A
Pavilion ZT3035AP-DT573A
Pavilion ZT3036AP-DT574A
Pavilion ZT3037AP-DT575A
Pavilion ZT3038AP-DT576AA
Pavilion ZT3039AP-DT577AA
Pavilion ZT3040AP-DT578AA
Pavilion ZT3041AP-DT579AA
Pavilion ZT3042AP-DT580AA
Pavilion ZT3043AP-DX830P
Pavilion ZT3044AP-DX831P
Pavilion ZT3045AP-DX832P
Pavilion ZT3046AP-DX833PA
Pavilion ZT3047AP-DX836PA
Pavilion ZT3048AP-DX837PA
Pavilion ZT3049AP-DX838PA
Pavilion ZT3050AP-DX839PA
Pavilion ZT3050EA-DP778E
Pavilion ZT3051AP-DX840PA
Pavilion ZT3057LA-DR205A
Pavilion ZT3068CL-DM779A
Pavilion ZT3068CL-DM779AR
Pavilion ZT3100 Series
Pavilion ZT3101EA-DX682E
Pavilion ZT3101US-DS458U
Pavilion ZT3101US-DS458UR
Pavilion ZT3105EA-DV289E
Pavilion ZT3106EA-DV294E
Pavilion ZT3110EA-DV288E
Pavilion ZT3111EA-DV297E
Pavilion ZT3113EA-DV292E
Pavilion ZT3113EA-DV295E
Pavilion ZT3114EA-DX680E
Pavilion ZT3115EA-DV291E
Pavilion ZT3116EA-DX683E
Pavilion ZT3120EA-DV290E
Pavilion ZT3120EA-DX681E
Pavilion ZT3130EA-DV296E
Pavilion ZT3131EA-DV293E
Pavilion ZT3140US-DS456U
Pavilion ZT3140US-DS456UR
Pavilion ZT3170US-DS457U
Pavilion ZT3170US-DS457UR
Pavilion ZT3200 Series
Pavilion ZT3200-DR301AV
Pavilion ZT3200-DR302AV
Pavilion ZT3200-DR303AV
Pavilion ZT3201AP-PA965PA
Pavilion ZT3201US-DZ307U
Pavilion ZT3201US-DZ307UR
Pavilion ZT3202AP-PA966PA
Pavilion ZT3203AP-PA967PA
Pavilion ZT3204AP-PA968PA
Pavilion ZT3205AP-PA969PA
Pavilion ZT3206AP-PA970PA
Pavilion ZT3207AP-PA971PA
Pavilion ZT3208AP-PA972PA
Pavilion ZT3209AP-PA973PA
Pavilion ZT3210AP-PA974PA
Pavilion ZT3210EA-PB560EA
Pavilion ZT3211AP-PA975PA
Pavilion ZT3211EA-PB567EA
Pavilion ZT3212AP-PA976PA
Pavilion ZT3212EA-PB751EA
Pavilion ZT3213AP-PA977PA
Pavilion ZT3214AP-PA978PA
Pavilion ZT3214EA-PB565EA
Pavilion ZT3214EA-PB571EA
Pavilion ZT3215AP-PA979PA
Pavilion ZT3215EA-PB559EA
Pavilion ZT3215EA-PB564EA
Pavilion ZT3216AP-PA980PA
Pavilion ZT3217AP-PA981PA
Pavilion ZT3218AP-PA982PA
Pavilion ZT3219AP-PA983PA
Pavilion ZT3220AP-PA984PA
Pavilion ZT3220EA-PB572EA
Pavilion ZT3221AP-PA985PA
Pavilion ZT3222AP-PA986PA
Pavilion ZT3223AP-PA987PA
Pavilion ZT3224AP-PA988PA
Pavilion ZT3225AP-PA989PA
Pavilion ZT3228AP-PA992PA
Pavilion ZT3229AP-PA993PA
Pavilion ZT3230AP-PH275PA
Pavilion ZT3231AP-PH276PA
Pavilion ZT3232AP-PH277PA
Pavilion ZT3232EA-PB573EA
Pavilion ZT3235AP-PH280PA
Pavilion ZT3236AP-PH281PA
Pavilion ZT3237AP-PH282PA
Pavilion ZT3239EA-PB561EA
Pavilion ZT3240EA-PB563EA
Pavilion ZT3240EA-PB570EA
Pavilion ZT3241EA-PB562EA
Pavilion ZT3242EA-PB569EA
Pavilion ZT3250US-DZ305U
Pavilion ZT3250US-DZ305UR
Pavilion ZT3250xx MV IUR-DZ757AS
Pavilion ZT3260EA-PB566EA
Pavilion ZT3280US-DZ306U
Pavilion ZT3280US-DZ306UR
Pavilion ZT3300 Series
Pavilion ZT3300-PD710AV
Pavilion ZT3300-PD711AV
Pavilion ZT3301AP-PH518PA
Pavilion ZT3302AP-PH519PA
Pavilion ZT3302US-PF086UA
Pavilion ZT3302US-PF086UAR
Pavilion ZT3303AP-PH520PA
Pavilion ZT3304AP-PH521PA
Pavilion ZT3305AP-PH522PA
Pavilion ZT3306AP-PH523PA
Pavilion ZT3307AP-PH524PA
Pavilion ZT3308AP-PH525PA
Pavilion ZT3309AP-PH526PA
Pavilion ZT3310AP-PH527PA
Pavilion ZT3310EA-PJ777EA
Pavilion ZT3311AP-PH283PA
Pavilion ZT3312AP-PA120PA
Pavilion ZT3312EA-PJ782EA
Pavilion ZT3313AP-PH285PA
Pavilion ZT3314AP-PH286PA
Pavilion ZT3314EA-PJ781EA
Pavilion ZT3315AP-PH287PA
Pavilion ZT3315EA-PJ783EA
Pavilion ZT3316AP-PH288PA
Pavilion ZT3316EA-PJ784EA
Pavilion ZT3317AP-PH289PA
Pavilion ZT3318AP-PA118PA
Pavilion ZT3319AP-PA121PA
Pavilion ZT3320AP-PA122PA
Pavilion ZT3320EA-PJ779EA
Pavilion ZT3321AP-PA123PA
Pavilion ZT3322AP-PA124PA
Pavilion ZT3323AP-PA125PA
Pavilion ZT3324AP-PA126PA
Pavilion ZT3325AP-PC996PA
Pavilion ZT3326AP-PC997PA
Pavilion ZT3327AP-PC998PA
Pavilion ZT3328AP-PD146PA
Pavilion ZT3329AP-PD147PA
Pavilion ZT3330AP-PD148PA
Pavilion ZT3330EA-PB577EA
Pavilion ZT3331AP-PD149PA
Pavilion ZT3332AP-PD150PA
Pavilion ZT3333AP-PF361PA
Pavilion ZT3334AP-PF362PA
Pavilion ZT3335AP-PF373PA
Pavilion ZT3336AP-PF374PA
Pavilion ZT3337AP-PF375PA
Pavilion ZT3338AP-PD100PA
Pavilion ZT3339AP-PD116PA
Pavilion ZT3340AP-PH486PA
Pavilion ZT3340EA-PB574EA
Pavilion ZT3340EA-PB575EA
Pavilion ZT3340US-PF087UA
Pavilion ZT3340US-PF087UAR
Pavilion ZT3341AP-PH487PA
Pavilion ZT3342AP-PN550PA
Pavilion ZT3344AP-PH515PA
Pavilion ZT3345AP-PH516PA
Pavilion ZT3346AP-PH517PA
Pavilion ZT3349CL-PF084UA
Pavilion ZT3349CL-PF084UAR
Pavilion ZT3350EA-PB578EA
Pavilion ZT3350US-PF082UA
Pavilion ZT3350US-PF082UAR
Pavilion ZT3351EA-PJ775EA
Pavilion ZT3355US-PL949UA
Pavilion ZT3355US-PL949UAR
Pavilion ZT3368EA-PJ778EA
Pavilion ZT3370EA-PB576EA
Pavilion ZT3377LA-PG995LA
Pavilion ZT3380LA-PN714LA
Pavilion ZT3380US
Pavilion ZT3380US-PF083UA
Pavilion ZT3380US-PF083UAR
Pavilion ZT3380US-PF848AS
Pavilion ZT3400-PH181AV
Pavilion ZT3400-PH182AV
Pavilion ZT3418EA-PJ789EA
Pavilion ZT3420EA-PJ793EA
Pavilion ZT3420EA-PN428EA
Pavilion ZT3440EA-PN433EA
Pavilion ZT3447EA-PN427EA
Pavilion ZT3449EA-PJ786EA
Pavilion ZT3449EA-PJ790EA
Pavilion ZT3450EA-PJ794EA
Pavilion ZT3451EA-PN431EA
Pavilion ZT3459EA-PJ792EA
Pavilion ZT3460EA-PJ787EA
Pavilion ZT3461EA-PN430EA
Pavilion ZT3461EA-PN432EA
Pavilion ZT3462EA-PN429EA
Pavilion ZT3463EA-PN434EA
Pavilion ZT3464EA-PJ791EA
Pavilion ZT3465EA-PJ788EA

Make your HP Pavilion ZT3000 battery last longer:

  1. Should I totally discharge and recharge my HP Pavilion ZT3000 battery occasionally to make it last longer?
    A: No, discharging and charging does not increase the life of a Li-ion HP Pavilion ZT3000. And with current Li-ion batteries this practice does not improve the runtime of the battery. This practice is a holdover from the days in which batteries were used.
  2. How do I get the most runtime for a charge?
    A: It is important to choose settings which allow you to obtain the most runtime from your notebook. Examples to consider: timeout settings for the hard drive, Bluetooth, wireless, LCD brightness, etc.
  3. Will my HP Pavilion ZT3000 battery become useless if I leave it unused for a long time?
    A: Basically, yes. We suggest you to charge or discharge the HP Pavilion ZT3000 laptop battery to 40 - 60% capacity using your Windows operating system power meter, then remove it from your system. Then Store it in a standard office environment, away from extreme temperatures. However, fully charge and remove battery from HP Pavilion ZT3000 laptop before leave it unused for a month or longer. It's better to use your battery at least once a week for keeping it works well.
  4. What is the best temperature for battery storage?
    A: Because very hot or cold conditions could affect a battery's performance,you'd better store the HP Pavilion ZT3000 in a place with recommended storage temperature of 15°C (59°F).
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