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New Compaq Armada E500 laptop battery replacement! We provide excellence in both Armada E500 battery quality & customer service. Free Shipping, 1 year warranty.

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Compaq Armada e500 battery
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New 4400Mah Replacement Laptop Batteries For Compaq Armada E500 Battery

Capacity: 4400mah
Color: Black
Weight: 541.49g
Dimensions: 121.90x106.20x20.30mm
Battery Type: Li-ion
Product Type: Replacement
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Shiping cost: Free Shipping
List Price: $55.24
Price: $39.87
Compaq Armada e500 battery
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New 6600Mah Replacement Laptop Batteries For Compaq Armada E500 Battery

Capacity: 6600mah
Color: Black
Weight: 549.99g
Dimensions: 144.00x98.50x20.00mm
Battery Type: Li-ion
Product Type: Replacement
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Shiping cost: Free Shipping
List Price: $65.51
Price: $49.95

Replacement Battery Part No.:

Replacement Laptop Machine Part No.:
Armada E500 Series
Armada E500-127667-021
Armada E500-127667-026
Armada E500-127667-291
Armada E500-127667-296
Armada E500-127667-391
Armada E500-127667-396
Armada E500-127667-BM1
Armada E500-127667-BM4
Armada E500-127667-BM6
Armada E500-127667-BN1
Armada E500-127667-BN4
Armada E500-127667-BN6
Armada E500-127667-BP1
Armada E500-127667-BP4
Armada E500-127667-BP6
Armada E500-127667-BR4
Armada E500-127667-BR6
Armada E500-127667-BT4
Armada E500-127667-BT6
Armada E500-127667-C61
Armada E500-127667-C64
Armada E500-127667-C66
Armada E500-127668-001
Armada E500-127668-003
Armada E500-127668-004
Armada E500-127668-005
Armada E500-127668-006
Armada E500-127668-007
Armada E500-127668-011
Armada E500-127668-014
Armada E500-127668-016
Armada E500-127668-021
Armada E500-127668-024
Armada E500-127668-026
Armada E500-127668-031
Armada E500-127668-034
Armada E500-127668-036
Armada E500-127668-041
Armada E500-127668-044
Armada E500-127668-046
Armada E500-127668-051
Armada E500-127668-054
Armada E500-127668-056
Armada E500-127668-071
Armada E500-127668-074
Armada E500-127668-076
Armada E500-127668-081
Armada E500-127668-084
Armada E500-127668-086
Armada E500-127668-091
Armada E500-127668-094
Armada E500-127668-096
Armada E500-127668-101
Armada E500-127668-104
Armada E500-127668-106
Armada E500-127668-111
Armada E500-127668-114
Armada E500-127668-116
Armada E500-127668-121
Armada E500-127668-123
Armada E500-127668-124
Armada E500-127668-125
Armada E500-127668-126
Armada E500-127668-127
Armada E500-127668-131
Armada E500-127668-134
Armada E500-127668-136
Armada E500-127668-161
Armada E500-127668-163
Armada E500-127668-164
Armada E500-127668-165
Armada E500-127668-166
Armada E500-127668-167
Armada E500-127668-181
Armada E500-127668-184
Armada E500-127668-186
Armada E500-127668-201
Armada E500-127668-204
Armada E500-127668-206
Armada E500-127668-291
Armada E500-127668-294
Armada E500-127668-296
Armada E500-127668-371
Armada E500-127668-374
Armada E500-127668-376
Armada E500-127668-391
Armada E500-127668-394
Armada E500-127668-396
Armada E500-127668-AA1
Armada E500-127668-AA4
Armada E500-127668-AA6
Armada E500-127668-AB1
Armada E500-127668-AB4
Armada E500-127668-AB6
Armada E500-127668-AD1
Armada E500-127668-AD4
Armada E500-127668-AD6
Armada E500-127668-B91
Armada E500-127668-B94
Armada E500-127668-B96
Armada E500-127668-BE1
Armada E500-127668-BE4
Armada E500-127668-BE6
Armada E500-127669-BM4
Armada E500-127669-BN4
Armada E500-127669-BP4
Armada E500-127669-C64
Armada E500-127670-004
Armada E500-127670-005
Armada E500-127670-014
Armada E500-127670-021
Armada E500-127670-024
Armada E500-127670-026
Armada E500-127670-034
Armada E500-127670-044
Armada E500-127670-054
Armada E500-127670-074
Armada E500-127670-084
Armada E500-127670-094
Armada E500-127670-104
Armada E500-127670-111
Armada E500-127670-114
Armada E500-127670-116
Armada E500-127670-124
Armada E500-127670-125
Armada E500-127670-134
Armada E500-127670-164
Armada E500-127670-165
Armada E500-127670-181
Armada E500-127670-184
Armada E500-127670-186
Armada E500-127670-204
Armada E500-127670-291
Armada E500-127670-294
Armada E500-127670-296
Armada E500-127670-374
Armada E500-127670-391
Armada E500-127670-394
Armada E500-127670-396
Armada E500-127670-AA4
Armada E500-127670-AB4
Armada E500-127670-AD4
Armada E500-127670-B94
Armada E500-127670-BE4
Armada E500-127671-021
Armada E500-127671-026
Armada E500-127671-291
Armada E500-127671-296
Armada E500-127671-391
Armada E500-127671-396
Armada E500-127671-BM1
Armada E500-127671-BM4
Armada E500-127671-BM6
Armada E500-127671-BN1
Armada E500-127671-BN4
Armada E500-127671-BN6
Armada E500-127671-BP1
Armada E500-127671-BP4
Armada E500-127671-BP6
Armada E500-127671-BR4
Armada E500-127671-BR6
Armada E500-127671-BT4
Armada E500-127671-BT6
Armada E500-127671-C61
Armada E500-127671-C64
Armada E500-127671-C66
Armada E500-127672-001
Armada E500-127672-003
Armada E500-127672-004
Armada E500-127672-005
Armada E500-127672-006
Armada E500-127672-007
Armada E500-127672-011
Armada E500-127672-014
Armada E500-127672-016
Armada E500-127672-021
Armada E500-127672-024
Armada E500-127672-026
Armada E500-127672-031
Armada E500-127672-034
Armada E500-127672-036
Armada E500-127672-041
Armada E500-127672-044
Armada E500-127672-046
Armada E500-127672-051
Armada E500-127672-054
Armada E500-127672-056
Armada E500-127672-071
Armada E500-127672-074
Armada E500-127672-076
Armada E500-127672-081
Armada E500-127672-084
Armada E500-127672-086
Armada E500-127672-091
Armada E500-127672-094
Armada E500-127672-096
Armada E500-127672-101
Armada E500-127672-104
Armada E500-127672-106
Armada E500-127672-111
Armada E500-127672-114
Armada E500-127672-116
Armada E500-127672-121
Armada E500-127672-123
Armada E500-127672-124
Armada E500-127672-125
Armada E500-127672-126
Armada E500-127672-127
Armada E500-127672-131
Armada E500-127672-134
Armada E500-127672-136
Armada E500-127672-161
Armada E500-127672-163
Armada E500-127672-164
Armada E500-127672-165
Armada E500-127672-166
Armada E500-127672-167
Armada E500-127672-181
Armada E500-127672-184
Armada E500-127672-186
Armada E500-127672-201
Armada E500-127672-204
Armada E500-127672-206
Armada E500-127672-291
Armada E500-127672-294
Armada E500-127672-296
Armada E500-127672-371
Armada E500-127672-374
Armada E500-127672-376
Armada E500-127672-391
Armada E500-127672-394
Armada E500-127672-396
Armada E500-127672-AA1
Armada E500-127672-AA4
Armada E500-127672-AA6
Armada E500-127672-AB1
Armada E500-127672-AB4
Armada E500-127672-AB6
Armada E500-127672-AD1
Armada E500-127672-AD4
Armada E500-127672-AD6
Armada E500-127672-B91
Armada E500-127672-B94
Armada E500-127672-B96
Armada E500-127672-BE1
Armada E500-127672-BE4
Armada E500-127672-BE6
Armada E500-146510-BM1
Armada E500-146510-BM6
Armada E500-146510-BN1
Armada E500-146510-BN6
Armada E500-146510-BP1
Armada E500-146510-BP6
Armada E500-146510-BR4
Armada E500-146510-BR6
Armada E500-146510-BT4
Armada E500-146510-BT6
Armada E500-146510-C61
Armada E500-146510-C66
Armada E500-146511-001
Armada E500-146511-006
Armada E500-146511-011
Armada E500-146511-016
Armada E500-146511-031
Armada E500-146511-036
Armada E500-146511-041
Armada E500-146511-046
Armada E500-146511-051
Armada E500-146511-056
Armada E500-146511-071
Armada E500-146511-076
Armada E500-146511-081
Armada E500-146511-086
Armada E500-146511-091
Armada E500-146511-096
Armada E500-146511-101
Armada E500-146511-106
Armada E500-146511-121
Armada E500-146511-126
Armada E500-146511-131
Armada E500-146511-136
Armada E500-146511-161
Armada E500-146511-166
Armada E500-146511-201
Armada E500-146511-206
Armada E500-146511-371
Armada E500-146511-376
Armada E500-146511-AA1
Armada E500-146511-AA6
Armada E500-146511-AB1
Armada E500-146511-AB6
Armada E500-146511-AD1
Armada E500-146511-AD6
Armada E500-146511-AK1
Armada E500-146511-AK6
Armada E500-146511-B91
Armada E500-146511-B96
Armada E500-146511-BE1
Armada E500-146511-BE6
Armada E500-146511-BF1
Armada E500S Series
Armada E500S-470009-032
Armada E500S-470009-033
Armada V300 Series
Armada V300-117730-002
Armada V300-117730-004
Armada V300-117730-006
Armada V300-117730-012
Armada V300-117730-014
Armada V300-117730-016
Armada V300-117730-022
Armada V300-117730-024
Armada V300-117730-026
Armada V300-117730-032
Armada V300-117730-034
Armada V300-117730-036
Armada V300-117730-042
Armada V300-117730-044
Armada V300-117730-046
Armada V300-117730-052
Armada V300-117730-054
Armada V300-117730-056
Armada V300-117730-072
Armada V300-117730-074
Armada V300-117730-076
Armada V300-117730-082
Armada V300-117730-084
Armada V300-117730-086
Armada V300-117730-092
Armada V300-117730-094
Armada V300-117730-096
Armada V300-117730-102
Armada V300-117730-104
Armada V300-117730-106
Armada V300-117730-112
Armada V300-117730-114
Armada V300-117730-116
Armada V300-117730-122
Armada V300-117730-124
Armada V300-117730-126
Armada V300-117730-132
Armada V300-117730-134
Armada V300-117730-136
Armada V300-117730-162
Armada V300-117730-164
Armada V300-117730-166
Armada V300-117730-182
Armada V300-117730-184
Armada V300-117730-186
Armada V300-117730-202
Armada V300-117730-204
Armada V300-117730-206
Armada V300-117730-294
Armada V300-117730-372
Armada V300-117730-374
Armada V300-117730-376
Armada V300-117730-394
Armada V300-117730-AA2
Armada V300-117730-AA4
Armada V300-117730-AA6
Armada V300-117730-AB2
Armada V300-117730-AB4
Armada V300-117730-AB6
Armada V300-117730-AD2
Armada V300-117730-AD4
Armada V300-117730-AD6
Armada V300-117730-AK2
Armada V300-117730-B92
Armada V300-117730-B94
Armada V300-117730-B96
Armada V300-117730-BE2
Armada V300-117730-BE4
Armada V300-117730-BE6
Armada V300-117730-BF2
Armada V300-117730-BM2
Armada V300-117730-BM4
Armada V300-117730-BM6
Armada V300-117730-BN2
Armada V300-117730-BN4
Armada V300-117730-BN6
Armada V300-117730-BP2
Armada V300-117730-BP4
Armada V300-117730-BP6
Armada V300-117730-BR2
Armada V300-117730-BR6
Armada V300-117730-BT2
Armada V300-117730-BT6
Armada V300-117730-C62
Armada V300-117730-C64
Armada V300-117730-C66
Armada V300-117731-004
Armada V300-117731-005
Armada V300-117731-006
Armada V300-117731-007
Armada V300-117731-014
Armada V300-117731-022
Armada V300-117731-024
Armada V300-117731-032
Armada V300-117731-034
Armada V300-117731-042
Armada V300-117731-044
Armada V300-117731-052
Armada V300-117731-054
Armada V300-117731-072
Armada V300-117731-074
Armada V300-117731-082
Armada V300-117731-084
Armada V300-117731-092
Armada V300-117731-094
Armada V300-117731-102
Armada V300-117731-104
Armada V300-117731-112
Armada V300-117731-114
Armada V300-117731-124
Armada V300-117731-125
Armada V300-117731-126
Armada V300-117731-127
Armada V300-117731-132
Armada V300-117731-134
Armada V300-117731-164
Armada V300-117731-165
Armada V300-117731-182
Armada V300-117731-184
Armada V300-117731-204
Armada V300-117731-294
Armada V300-117731-374
Armada V300-117731-376
Armada V300-117731-394
Armada V300-117731-AA4
Armada V300-117731-AA6
Armada V300-117731-AB4
Armada V300-117731-AB6
Armada V300-117731-AD4
Armada V300-117731-B92
Armada V300-117731-B94
Armada V300-117731-BE2
Armada V300-117731-BE4
Armada V300-117732-002
Armada V300-117732-004
Armada V300-117732-006
Armada V300-117732-012
Armada V300-117732-014
Armada V300-117732-016
Armada V300-117732-022
Armada V300-117732-024
Armada V300-117732-026
Armada V300-117732-032
Armada V300-117732-034
Armada V300-117732-036
Armada V300-117732-042
Armada V300-117732-044
Armada V300-117732-046
Armada V300-117732-052
Armada V300-117732-054
Armada V300-117732-056
Armada V300-117732-072
Armada V300-117732-074
Armada V300-117732-076
Armada V300-117732-082
Armada V300-117732-084
Armada V300-117732-086
Armada V300-117732-092
Armada V300-117732-094
Armada V300-117732-096
Armada V300-117732-102
Armada V300-117732-104
Armada V300-117732-106
Armada V300-117732-112
Armada V300-117732-114
Armada V300-117732-116
Armada V300-117732-122
Armada V300-117732-124
Armada V300-117732-126
Armada V300-117732-132
Armada V300-117732-134
Armada V300-117732-136
Armada V300-117732-162
Armada V300-117732-164
Armada V300-117732-166
Armada V300-117732-182
Armada V300-117732-184
Armada V300-117732-186
Armada V300-117732-202
Armada V300-117732-204
Armada V300-117732-206
Armada V300-117732-294
Armada V300-117732-372
Armada V300-117732-374
Armada V300-117732-376
Armada V300-117732-394
Armada V300-117732-AA2
Armada V300-117732-AA4
Armada V300-117732-AA6
Armada V300-117732-AB2
Armada V300-117732-AB4
Armada V300-117732-AB6
Armada V300-117732-AD2
Armada V300-117732-AD4
Armada V300-117732-AD6
Armada V300-117732-B92
Armada V300-117732-B94
Armada V300-117732-B96
Armada V300-117732-BE2
Armada V300-117732-BE4
Armada V300-117732-BE6
Armada V300-117732-BM2
Armada V300-117732-BM4
Armada V300-117732-BM6
Armada V300-117732-BN2
Armada V300-117732-BN4
Armada V300-117732-BN6
Armada V300-117732-BP2
Armada V300-117732-BP4
Armada V300-117732-BP6
Armada V300-117732-BR2
Armada V300-117732-BR6
Armada V300-117732-BT2
Armada V300-117732-BT6
Armada V300-117732-C62
Armada V300-117732-C64
Armada V300-117732-C66
Armada V300-117733-004
Armada V300-117733-005
Armada V300-117733-006
Armada V300-117733-012
Armada V300-117733-014
Armada V300-117733-032
Armada V300-117733-034
Armada V300-117733-036
Armada V300-117733-042
Armada V300-117733-044
Armada V300-117733-046
Armada V300-117733-052
Armada V300-117733-054
Armada V300-117733-056
Armada V300-117733-072
Armada V300-117733-074
Armada V300-117733-082
Armada V300-117733-084
Armada V300-117733-092
Armada V300-117733-094
Armada V300-117733-096
Armada V300-117733-102
Armada V300-117733-104
Armada V300-117733-112
Armada V300-117733-114
Armada V300-117733-124
Armada V300-117733-125
Armada V300-117733-126
Armada V300-117733-127
Armada V300-117733-132
Armada V300-117733-134
Armada V300-117733-164
Armada V300-117733-165
Armada V300-117733-182
Armada V300-117733-184
Armada V300-117733-204
Armada V300-117733-294
Armada V300-117733-372
Armada V300-117733-374
Armada V300-117733-376
Armada V300-117733-394
Armada V300-117733-AA4
Armada V300-117733-AA6
Armada V300-117733-AB4
Armada V300-117733-AB6
Armada V300-117733-AD2
Armada V300-117733-AD4
Armada V300-117733-AK2
Armada V300-117733-AK6
Armada V300-117733-B92
Armada V300-117733-B94
Armada V300-117733-B96
Armada V300-117733-BE2
Armada V300-117733-BE4
Armada V300-117733-BE6
Armada V300-117733-BF2
Armada V300-117734-022
Armada V300-117734-024
Armada V300-117734-026
Armada V300-117734-294
Armada V300-117734-394
Armada V300-117734-BM2
Armada V300-117734-BM4
Armada V300-117734-BN2
Armada V300-117734-BN4
Armada V300-117734-BP2
Armada V300-117734-BP4
Armada V300-117734-BR2
Armada V300-117734-BT2
Armada V300-117734-C62
Armada V300-117734-C64
Armada V300-117735-004
Armada V300-117735-005
Armada V300-117735-014
Armada V300-117735-024
Armada V300-117735-032
Armada V300-117735-034
Armada V300-117735-036
Armada V300-117735-042
Armada V300-117735-044
Armada V300-117735-046
Armada V300-117735-052
Armada V300-117735-054
Armada V500 Series
PP2060 Series
Prosignia 190
Armada M300
Armada M700 Series
Armada M700-124898-002
Armada M700-124898-022
Armada M700-124898-032
Armada M700-124898-052
Armada M700-124898-062
Armada M700-124898-072
Armada M700-124898-082
Armada M700-124898-092
Armada M700-124898-102
Armada M700-124898-112
Armada M700-124898-122
Armada M700-124898-132
Armada M700-124898-162
Armada M700-124898-182
Armada M700-124898-202
Armada M700-124898-292
Armada M700-124898-332
Armada M700-124898-372
Armada M700-124898-392
Armada M700-124898-AD2
Armada M700-124898-B92
Armada M700-124898-BE2
Armada M700-124899-004
Armada M700-124899-014
Armada M700-124899-034
Armada M700-124899-044
Armada M700-124899-054
Armada M700-124899-064
Armada M700-124899-074
Armada M700-124899-084
Armada M700-124899-094
Armada M700-124899-104
Armada M700-124899-114
Armada M700-124899-124
Armada M700-124899-134
Armada M700-124899-164
Armada M700-124899-204
Armada M700-124899-294
Armada M700-124899-334
Armada M700-124899-394
Armada M700-124899-AK4
Armada M700-124938-006
Armada M700-124938-066
Armada M700-124938-116
Armada M700-124938-166
Armada M700-124938-186
Armada M700-124938-296
Armada M700-124938-336
Armada M700-124939-002
Armada M700-124939-062
Armada M700-124939-112
Armada M700-124939-182
Armada M700-124939-332
Armada M700-124940-014
Armada M700-124940-034
Armada M700-124940-044
Armada M700-124940-054
Armada M700-124940-064
Armada M700-124940-074
Armada M700-124940-084
Armada M700-124940-094
Armada M700-124940-104
Armada M700-124940-114
Armada M700-124940-124
Armada M700-124940-134
Armada M700-124940-164
Armada M700-124940-204
Armada M700-124940-334
Armada M700-124940-394
Armada M700-124940-AK4
Armada M700-124941-006
Armada M700-124941-066
Armada M700-124941-116
Armada M700-124941-186
Armada M700-124941-336
Armada M700-139114-002
Armada M700-139114-004
Armada M700-139114-022
Armada M700-139114-026
Armada M700-139114-372
Armada M700-139114-374
Armada M700-139114-376
Armada M700-139114-BM2
Armada M700-139114-BM6
Armada M700-139114-BN2
Armada M700-139114-BN6
Armada M700-139114-BP2
Armada M700-139114-BP6
Armada M700-139114-BR2
Armada M700-139114-BR6
Armada M700-139114-C62
Armada M700-139114-C66
Armada M700-139116-002
Armada M700-139116-003
Armada M700-139116-004
Armada M700-139116-006
Armada M700-139116-012
Armada M700-139116-016
Armada M700-139116-032
Armada M700-139116-036
Armada M700-139116-042
Armada M700-139116-046
Armada M700-139116-052
Armada M700-139116-056
Armada M700-139116-072
Armada M700-139116-076
Armada M700-139116-082
Armada M700-139116-086
Armada M700-139116-092
Armada M700-139116-096
Armada M700-139116-102
Armada M700-139116-106
Armada M700-139116-122
Armada M700-139116-126
Armada M700-139116-132
Armada M700-139116-136
Armada M700-139116-162
Armada M700-139116-166
Armada M700-139116-182
Armada M700-139116-186
Armada M700-139116-202
Armada M700-139116-206
Armada M700-139116-292
Armada M700-139116-296
Armada M700-139116-372
Armada M700-139116-374
Armada M700-139116-376
Armada M700-139116-392
Armada M700-139116-396
Armada M700-139116-AA2
Armada M700-139116-AA4
Armada M700-139116-AA6
Armada M700-139116-AB2
Armada M700-139116-AB4
Armada M700-139116-AB6
Armada M700-139116-AC2
Armada M700-139116-AC4
Armada M700-139116-AC6
Armada M700-139116-AD2
Armada M700-139116-AD4
Armada M700-139116-AD6
Armada M700-139116-AK2
Armada M700-139116-AK6
Armada M700-139116-B92
Armada M700-139116-B96
Armada M700-139116-BE2
Armada M700-139116-BE6
Armada M700-139116-BF2
Armada M700-139116-BF6
Armada M700-139117-002
Armada M700-139117-004
Armada M700-139117-022
Armada M700-139117-026
Armada M700-139117-372
Armada M700-139117-374
Armada M700-139117-376
Armada M700-139117-BM2
Armada M700-139117-BM6
Armada M700-139117-BN2
Armada M700-139117-BN6
Armada M700-139117-BP2
Armada M700-139117-BP6
Armada M700-139117-BR2
Armada M700-139117-BR6
Armada M700-139117-C62
Armada M700-139117-C66
Armada M700-139120-002
Armada M700-139120-004
Armada M700-139120-006
Armada M700-139120-008
Armada M700-139120-012
Armada M700-139120-016
Armada M700-139120-032
Armada M700-139120-036
Armada M700-139120-042
Armada M700-139120-046
Armada M700-139120-052
Armada M700-139120-056
Armada M700-139120-072
Armada M700-139120-076
Armada M700-139120-082
Armada M700-139120-086
Armada M700-139120-092
Armada M700-139120-096
Armada M700-139120-102
Armada M700-139120-106
Armada M700-139120-122
Armada M700-139120-126
Armada M700-139120-132
Armada M700-139120-136
Armada M700-139120-162
Armada M700-139120-182
Armada M700-139120-186
Armada M700-139120-202
Armada M700-139120-206
Armada M700-139120-292
Armada M700-139120-296
Armada M700-139120-372
Armada M700-139120-374
Armada M700-139120-376
Armada M700-139120-392
Armada M700-139120-396
Armada M700-139120-AA2
Armada M700-139120-AA4
Armada M700-139120-AA6
Armada M700-139120-AB2
Armada M700-139120-AB4
Armada M700-139120-AB6
Armada M700-139120-AC2
Armada M700-139120-AC4
Armada M700-139120-AC6
Armada M700-139120-AD2
Armada M700-139120-AD4
Armada M700-139120-AD6
Armada M700-139120-AK2
Armada M700-139120-AK6
Armada M700-139120-B92
Armada M700-139120-B96
Armada M700-139120-BE2
Armada M700-139120-BE6
Armada M700-139120-BF2
Armada M700-140141-BF6
Armada M700-140142-002
Armada M700-140142-004
Armada M700-140142-006
Armada M700-140142-012
Armada M700-140142-016
Armada M700-140142-032
Armada M700-140142-036
Armada M700-140142-042
Armada M700-140142-046
Armada M700-140142-052
Armada M700-140142-056
Armada M700-140142-072
Armada M700-140142-076
Armada M700-140142-082
Armada M700-140142-086
Armada M700-140142-092
Armada M700-140142-096
Armada M700-140142-102
Armada M700-140142-106
Armada M700-140142-122
Armada M700-140142-126
Armada M700-140142-132
Prosignia 170
Prosignia 170 Series

FAQ - How to extend your Compaq Armada E500 battery life?

  1. Should I totally discharge and recharge my Compaq Armada E500 battery occasionally to make it last longer?
    A: No, discharging and charging does not increase the life of a Li-ion Compaq Armada E500. And with current Li-ion batteries this practice does not improve the runtime of the battery. This practice is a holdover from the days in which NiMH batteries were used.
  2. How do I get the most runtime for a charge?
    A: It is important to choose settings which allow you to obtain the most runtime from your notebook. Examples to consider: timeout settings for the hard drive, Bluetooth, wireless, LCD brightness, etc.
  3. Will my Compaq Armada E500 battery become useless if I leave it unused for a long time?
    A: Basically, yes. We suggest you to charge or discharge the Compaq Armada E500 laptop battery to 40 - 60% capacity using your Windows operating system power meter, then remove it from your system. Then Store it in a standard office environment, away from extreme temperatures. However, fully charge and remove battery from Compaq Armada E500 laptop before leave it unused for a month or longer. It's better to use your battery at least once a week for keeping it works well.
  4. Any other tips of using Compaq Armada E500 battery?
    A: Keep the Compaq Armada E500 battery cool, dry and clean after been fully charged. Don't short circuit terminal or store your Compaq armada E500 battery pack with metal parts.
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